Girardin unblended lambic chugging festival


I’ve secured two 10 liter boxes of unblended Girardin lambic to share with the NY/NJ locals. $15 a head to cover my costs :) This is an open event, newcomers are welcome, but please check in here if you’d like to attend:

Cost: $15

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egajdzis 7/12/2009
Alright time to drive north and start drinking again!
jcwattsrugger 7/6/2009
I'm a maybe and hopeful attendee, I hope maxxdaddy does bring those tums:-) cheers, john
MaxxDaddy 6/25/2009
I'll bring the Tums.
PilsnerPeter 6/25/2009
I'll bring the diapers.
eclectic 6/23/2009
I hope to make it, although I'll surely be late.. and assuming I'm not hurting too much from the bachelor party I am throwing the night before in philly
JoeMcPhee 6/23/2009
This is going to be awsome!
puzzl 6/23/2009
Here are the two beers:

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