Blue Palms Brown Bag Night - Imperial Stouts


In the second such event, Blue Palms Brewhouse is organizing a loosely structured double-blind tasting of beers within a set theme-- this time, Imperial Stouts. The idea is that this is a way to strip away any pretensions and preconceptions about specific beers you are drinking, and to challenge and educate your palate about the flavors and aromas you experience. Starting at 6 PM on Wednesday, July 22nd, we will do a "Brown Bag" tasting of Imperial Stouts in small pours, and you can evaluate, rate, savor, and compare the beers to one another as part of the tasting. Price of admission? Just a bottle or two of Imperial Stout that you bring in for the occasion. Any Imperial Stout of your choice. If you’re bringing a 22 oz. or 750 mL bottle, one should be enough. If it’s a 12-ounce bottle or can, please bring two (if possible-- if you only have one, just bring the one).

Last month’s IPA tasting was very cool, with 19 beers in the mix and the two "winners" being two different bottlings of Russian River Pliny the Elder. Other highly-regarded samples were Avery Maharaja, Marin White Knuckle on draft, and one of our house beers, Blue Palms IPA (made by Firestone Walker).

Cost: Free


Brian Lenzo/Chris Quiroga


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