Beer Judging 101 - Tasting and describing


What is it that separates a truly world class brew from a mediocre one?

Instructor David Teckam is a Grand Master II level beer judge in the BJCP, the Beer Judge Certification Program, and a trainer of beer judges.

We’ll sample and compare a number of world class examples, discussing ingredients and learning a bit about the brewing process. We will touch upon some of the major world beer styles, how they developed, and why certain beers fit into style profiles better than others. We will also examine the effects of aging on beer.

For those interested in taking it a step further, we will also briefly discuss the BJCP: the Beer Judge Certification Program.

The Beer Judging 101 class has been very popular in prior SF Beer Weeks. The location is walkable from BART trains, and parking is easy in the neighborhood. Ages 21 and older.

Cost: 30.00


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