Meet the Brewer (and owner): Oskar Blues


Focus on the Beer and Another Pint are teaming up to bring another Meet the Brewer night. Oskar Blues will be the guest and will be bringing Dave Chichura (head brewer) and Dale Katechis (owner)out to talk about their beer. They will have some of their regular brews as well as three special ones:

Deviant Dales is an extraordinary IPA, originally released through the Old Chicago exclusive contract but will soon become one of Oskar Blues most sought after beers. It won the Silver Medal in the largest-ever category at GABF this year and it hasn’t been available in Colorado Springs since it’s debut at Old Chicago in October 2010. Booya! Belgian Smidy...hmm, that sounds familiar doesn’t it? Smidy was one of the beers at our Anniversary Part a month ago and is a beer made from the second wort runnings from the popular Ten Fidy...this version is different though as it has been turned Belgian. Finally we’ll see Velvet Elvis, which is an American Stout named after a guy who looks and sounds like Elvis and is only released here and there at specialty locations.

Beers will be available to sample and purchase by the pint. Dale and Dave will give some brief talks and will come around and answer questions personally.

Cost: Free. Pay by the pint


Eric Steen
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