Stone "Big Bottles" tasting with Brett Collier


Cleveland Beer Week starts on Friday, October 19th, and we will be helping to kick it off with a Beer Pairing Dinner with Stone Brewing Company. Brett Collier, the Ohio representative, will be on hand to talk about the brewery and the beers we will be having.
The menu for the night, prepared by our award winning chefs, is as follows:
-Cali-Belgique, a Belgian-style IPA with piney and citrus characters, will be paired with a Strawberry Salad and Mandarin Vinaigrette.

-Sublimely Self Righteous Ale, an American Black Ale with charred malts and thick hops, will go with Blackened Catfish

-Stone Imperial Russian Stout, a rich and roasty brew, will be paired with Pot Roast

-Old Guardian Barleywine, with its fruit and caramel notes, will be accompanied by Caramel Apple Cake.

The dinner costs $20 per person, or $30 for a pair. The dinner will start at 6PM, and pre-registration is required, so sign up early either at the Service Desk in-store, or by calling 330-922-0131.

Cost: $20/person, $30/pair

(330) 922-0131


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