Grande Esposizione Italiane della Birra


Named "Grande Esposizione Italiana della Birra" (GIEB) this is the first great Italian beer festival.

Held in Rome with nearly 500 beers on tap. The beer list will be posted soon on the website. Many Italian beers will be present, also some of the best brews from over the world and many rare vintages on tap.
the festival will be held in collaboration with Unionbirrai, our italian brewers association.
This is the biggest and most comprehensive beer festival in Italy, with the largest amount of beers on show.
It will be held yearly at the most modern and prestigious Expo center we have in Rome, the Nuova Fiera di Roma:
Don’t miss this first edition, there’s never been nothing quite like this in Italy.

Cost: 12€, inc. Guide+Glass


Segreteria GEIB
[email protected]


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