End of this, beginning of that


We are welcoming the begining of Winter and the end of the world with a Music and Craft Beer Event.
We will be kicking off the evening at 6pm with 6 taps and dinner specials. Starting at 7pm @Bradmyrickmusic and http://www.swunk.com/ Kenny Weiland will be playing all your favorites and originals till the crowds get tired.
The Tap Line up<-----
Maine Lunch IPA-- This little brewery’s BIG IPA
White Birch Brewing Tavern Ale-- Smoked Imperial Brown Ale
Founders Backwoods Bastard-- Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee- Heavy
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace--Sorachi Ace hopped Saison
Allagash Interlude- Wine Barrel aged Brett Belgian
Blue Lobster Brewing Stalkholm Syndrome-- Wheat IPA
We are stoked to have such an amazing line up here in Warner for y’all. I am also thankful for our friends at White Birch for Kegging up some Tavern and Also the Great guys at Blue lobster Brewing for setting aside a log of Stalkholm. There are no other places outside of Hampton that have any Blue Lobster and we are proud to have it here for all of you. Get in early, this one will definitely fill up. I don’t expect the Stalkholm to make it to Saturday, so this is your one chance! There Will be a 10 dollar cover for the event. 5 dollars of which will go to benefit www.sysfund.org and all that they do to help young people with cancer, especially during the Christmas season.

Cost: $10, $5 will be dontated


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