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AHA Celebrates National Homebrew Day

8th Annual Big Brew Event May 7, 2005
Homebrewing April 26, 2005      
Written by Brewers Association

Boulder, COLORADO -

American Homebrewers Association’s Big Brew is celebrated each year on the first Saturday in May. During the event, thousands of homebrewers and non-brewers from around the world will unite in brewing the official recipes and share a simultaneous toast May 7 at noon Central Standard Time.

This year’s Big Brew features a pair of homebrew recipes created by AHA members that were so good they have both been brewed by commercial craft breweries. Big Brew participants register their brewing sites, receive this year’s recipes and print out Big Brew posters and press releases on www.beertown.org. The registered sites help the AHA track how many participants celebrate the event.

"Big Brew is a major homebrewing phenomenon," says Gary Glass, director of the event for the AHA. "Last year we had 2,177 participants at 160 Big Brew sites and brewed more than 5,180 gallons of homebrew worldwide. That was an increase of 54 percent from 2003."

Big Brew participants are encouraged to promote the event around their community with posters and press releases found on www.beertown.org. For Big Brew event information, visit www.beertown.org.

In 1979, the American Homebrewers Association named the first Saturday in May as National Homebrew Day. On May 7, 1988, Congress officially recognized National Homebrew Day. The AHA estimates there are around 250,000 active homebrewers in the U.S. The AHA is a division of the Brewers Association in Boulder, Colorado.

Based in Boulder, Colo., U.S.A., the Brewers Association (BA) is a not-for-profit trade and educational association for small and craft brewers. The Brewers Association was established in 2005 by a merger of the Association of Brewers and the Brewers’ Association of America. Visit the website: www.beertown.org to learn more. The Brewers Association has an additional membership division of 9,000+ homebrewers: American Homebrewers Association.

The association’s activities include events and publishing: World Beer Cup®; Great American Beer Festival®; NBWA/BREWERS Joint Legislative Conference, Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®; National Homebrewers Conference; National Homebrew Competition; American Beer Month (July); Zymurgy magazine; The New Brewer magazine; and books on beer and brewing.



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