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Beer and brewing industry news
Brewers/Industry March 11, 2005      
Written by joet


Rogue Ales were told to remove the stars and stripes from their American Amber label and tap handles. Apparently the use the flag was in violation of an American Code. The brewery was told to destroy the flag-bearing merchandise but were allowed to give some to charity.

Stone Brewing Company of San Marcos, CA, has announced that they will be opening a 9500 square foot restaurant and beer garden. The facility will also include a visitor’s center and gift shop.

Brewers report an increase of sales in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries. The same report shows that sales in Western Europe remained flat.

After hitting the beer market in Manitoba and Alberta the budget beer Minhas Creek will be available in Ontario. The beer will be renamed Lakeshore Creek for the Ontario market.

The annual production of beer in China has increased by 15% in 2004. The increase propelled China to the rank of the world’s biggest beer producer.

Icefloe technologies inc. Annouced that they achieved a breakthrough with its “Tower Booster”. They declared that the “Tower Booster” is a heat exchange mechanism housed in a beer tower that provides a final flash chilling to draft beer. It’s supposed to provide beer at near sub-zero temperatures.

Molson Coors Brewing Co. annouced that they will start brewing and selling beer in Russia next month. Molson Coors will spend $ 16 millions to market Coors Fine Light on the Russian market.

Rogue Ales annouced the release of a commemorative Sunset Ale. The Sunset Ale is a gift to 700 Oregon National Guardsmen and women that returned recently from Irak.

Toronto’s Labatt brewery will be closed. InBev’s decision is based on excess capacity in Central Canada.

Cobra Beer, the UK based but Indian owned brewery has announced an agreement to brew in India. Until recently Cobra Beer was imported from UK but a manufacturing agreement has been signed with Mount Shivalik Industries Ltd to brew the beer for all markets. Cobra Beer will upgrade the Mount Shivalik plant at a cost of $ 1 million.

The Bozeman Brewing Company will open a sample room. Owner Todd Scott stated that he hopes to increase his sales and create a social hotspot with the sample room.

Heineken has expanded their presence in the highly-fractured Chinese beer market with the purchase of 40% interest in DaFuHao Breweries Co of Nantong.



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