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Bottle Cap Magnets

How to Make Fridge Magnets from Old Bottle Caps
Fun & Humour May 6, 2004      
Written by matta

Tampa, FLORIDA -

I love drinking beer, but once the bottle is empty and the rating is noted I never truly feel that I have anything tangible to show for it. So you may ask, “How is it that you go about remedying your sentiment of emptiness?”

I respond, “I save all my freaking bottle caps and beer bottle labels, now quit asking me questions!”

Well, saving your spent caps, bottles and labels, that’s not a unique thing to do is it? I would bet that Redd Foxx did it on Sanford & Son; and hell, vagrants save this kind of stuff for profit!

How many of you out there save your bottle caps, or have a ridiculously large collection of unique beer bottles, which have probably caused massive loss of counter space in you kitchen? I was guilty as charged, but I tossed out almost all my bottles, and began carefully removing my bottle caps and tossing them into an old Corona Extra bucket, and a glass decanter, then I began meticulously removing all the beer bottle labels and placing them into a photo album. Yes, I would say that this is a telltale sign of being anal retentive about beer geek-ness!

Just the other day I said to myself, “Self, you need to do something with all of those beer bottle caps! You should build another beer bottle cap table and sell it on E-Bay! Nah, that’s too much work. You’d have to go out and buy furniture quality lumber, and that would run you $65 - $200 to do that project again. So what’s an inexpensive project, something that would only cost you $20 tops? Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Oh, Oh, Oh, I’ve got it!!! Turn all your most unique bottle caps into refrigerator magnets!!” So that’s just what I did!

I pored over the idea for a few days, then toted my lazy butt to Michaels, an arts and crafts store, and bought a package of 50 individual ¾ inch circular refrigerator magnets for only $6.50. When I returned home, I dumped a large portion of my bottle caps out on a table, and proceeded to sort out the caps that were most unique and memorable; Victory, New Belgium, Paulaner, Fish Tale, Upland, to name a quick few. I then plugged my borrowed hot glue gun into a live wall socket and began the project.

WARNING, hot glue guns are hot! Almost every dope figures that a hot glue gun is going to be hot, but let me tell you from recent experience they can maim, and deform your flesh! They will most likely cause outbursts of tainted language, so make certain that all young children, grandparents, nuns and priests are nowhere in the vicinity when the hot glue gun is in use! Hot glue that has accidentally dripped onto your hand can easy bring tears to a grown man’s eyes; it has far more in common with liquid magma than one may realize!

This is a most simple project! Turn your desired bottle cap upside down. The cap will probably be too deep for the width of the magnet. If this is the case, the bottle cap will scratch up you refrigerator, so you will want to build up the inside of the cap before gluing the magnet in place. Just squirt in a ¼ inch layer of hot glue and let it fully dry. This should take about 5 minutes. Once the glue is dry, place a large blob of hot glue into the center of the bottle cap, and press the magnet firmly into the glue. This is the dangerous part, please be careful, and trust me hot glue really is hot! Let the glue dry, and that’s the end of the arts and crafts.

If you are crafty and careful, you will have turned a bucket of old beer bottle caps into the perfect set of magnets to solidly hold your parking ticket or your child’s report card tactfully to your refrigerator!

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