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Cobra's Homebrewing Hints

May 6/04 - Making a Windscreen for Your Outdoor Cooker
Homebrewing May 6, 2004      
Written by Cobra

, N/A -

Actually gang, this one is so easy & simple, you'll probably ask yourself, "Now, why didn't I think of that?"

Materials needed: 1 -30 gallon galvanized metal trash can, some screws, and a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, tin snips, drill motor & bit or hole saw, magic marker.

Here's how to do it. Buy yourself a new 30 gallon galvanized metal
trash can. Measure your turkey fryer or whatever you use, for the height of the gas hose connection. Transfer this measurement to the trash can. Cut or drill a hole big enough for your gas hose to pass through. Keep in mind you'll be adding legs, so take this into account as well for your measurement. Remember, measure twice, cut once.

<P>Turn it upside down, drill a small hole, big enough for your jigsaw blade to fit into, and cut the bottom out of the trash can. Use the metal you just cut out to fashion some legs for the bottom of the trash can. It doesn't have to be fancy, just good enough to hold the trash can about 2" above the ground. Use some small screws & screw the legs to the outside of the can. 3 legs will be enough, if you space them properly.

<P>Reattach your gas hose through the hole in the side of the can. Check for leaks with whatever solution you use.

<P>There! You've just made yourself a great windscreen & you can now brew outside when it's blowing up a gale. You'll use less gas too, because it directs the heat up, instead of out.

<P>Keep the lid that comes with the trash can to cover everything up after you brew. You should be able to buy a new trash can for under $20 most anywhere. Hope this helps.



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