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RBSG 2007 Application

San Diego
Features November 30, 2006      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -


Grand Tasting:

I think that Pizza Port Carlsbad would be the ideal choice. We could work w/ Gina & Vince to see if we could rent the area they use for their festivals. They have plenty of refrigeration there along with sufficient room for 100+ beer geeks. The brewpub chains like Karl Strauss have banquet rooms in some of their locations (one up here by me does) that we could rent.

Another major option would be to work with various hotels to find one with a room which we could rent.

Finally, many of the RB’ers in SD have very good relationships with Peter Zien, Tomme Aruthur & Greg Stone (I’m thinking of Vac, Dark Elf, and others). I’d work with our folks in SD to see what our best bet would be to having the tasting at a brewery. The new port brewery has an ideal setting for this.


If we are able to secure one of the brewpubs for the grand tasting, then each individual could buy his/her own food. This has worked very well at the Noogfest for the last two years. Each year people have bought their own food and we made sure we left a generous tip. We were warmly welcomed back the 2nd year. If we held it at a brewery, I’d work in advance w/ the brewers to make sure we could cater in pizza, and other munchies.


The price of accommodations will vary greatly. There are some very expensive hotels near the ocean. However, I checked the rate at the Motel 6 many RBers use for the Pizza Port fests and used the dates of 10 Aug 2007 thru 13 Aug 2007. The rates started at $80 per night.

Gathering Guide:

The San Diego ‘Brew tour’ that DaSilky1 originally wrote covers a lot of this material.

Pub Crawl/Brewery Tours:

Given the relationships many RBer’s have with Tomme Arthur, Greg Stone & Peter Zien, arranging tours of Port, Stone and/or Alesmith breweries shouldn’t be too difficult. Ballast Point is just down the street from Alesmith (and 4x the size) and should be worked into a tour. Pub crawls that involved Liar’s Club, O’Brien’s and the two Pizza Port brewpubs could also be worked out. The sequence of events will be based on locations. For example, starting w/ lunch at Pizza Port Carlsbad, head east on the 78 to Port Brewing for a tour and tasting, then another 3 miles to Stone. Hitting Pizza Port Solana, Alesmith, Ballast Point and O’Brien’s would be another crawl.

Timeframe: If August has worked well in the past for the RBSG, I’d propose using it again. Another option to consider is to see if we can have the RBSG coincide with one of the local festivals. Stone’s Anniversary party is usually in Aug or Sept, Pizza Port has a real ale fest in June. We would work w/ local brewers to see if there’s opportunity for some synergy there. I’m certain that a lot of RB’ers would love to have the RBSG at the same time as one of the local fests they’ve read about.


Hotel: 80+ per night. Since it will be summer, rooms will book quickly and choices may be limited to the more expensive ones.

Grand Tasting: when I went to the RBSG in Portland, I recall chipping in $40 for the room it was held in. Depending upon the venue, we’d ask each person for a contribution.

Transit: San Diego’s mass transithttp://www.sdcommute.com/ is pretty good for downtown, but for going around the county, cars would be a better choice. For days with specific itineraries, we would lease a bus (as your friends from ‘the other site’ did when they were here a couple of months ago). I believe that if San Diego were chosen, we’d strongly encourage people to split rental cars.

Meals: Since most people will be on a budget, there are plenty of fast food options.

My initial estimate would be that each person should budget ~$150/day. There are opportunities to save $$ by sharing rooms and rental cars.



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