1ère Réunion RateBeer Français / 1st French RateBeer Gathering

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beers 6036 º places 274 º 14:10 Wed 2/5/2014

UPDATE: See the RB event page for up-to-date program!

<b [URL=" http://www.ratebeer.com/Events-Detail.asp?EventID=25163" target="_blank" target="_blank" http://www.ratebeer.com/Events-Detail.asp?EventID=25163[/URL]

(Puisque mon français reste une peu limité, je vais essayer en français mais inclure le même message ci-dessous en anglais…)

Depuis quelques mois j’ai remarqué de plus en plus d’utilisateurs français de devenent très actif sur RateBeer. Et le monde de bière française est certainement ameliorent. Alors, personnellement je pense que c’est le moment de organise le premier réunion national français de RateBeer !
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Beaucoup des pays déjà ont des réunions annuelles, qui habituellement combiner une grande dégustation et des visites des brasseurs, bars et magasins de la bière avec une très bonne ambiance. Je croix que les amateurs de la bière français sont trouvé partout dans le pays et l’Internet (RateBeer, Untappd, les blogs private, forums de brassage), mais serait super si nous pouvions nous réunir pour célebre de la bonne bière !

C’est clair que c’est juste une idée pour ce moment, et je voudrai vous tous entendre si tu est intéresse ou encore lorsque tu veux m’aide organiser. Toutes les idées sont les bienvenues !

Mon idée ? Paris ; pour raison de logistique et les possibilités dans la ville. 2 jours (1 nuit) sera super, alors il y a plus des temps pour partager, decouvrir des goûts et boire. Nous pouvons aussi demander des bonnes endroits Parisien de nous accueillir ; particulièrement pour le grande dégustation ou toutes peut apporter leurs bouteiller plus précieuses !

Bonne idée ? <border=0 title="good day!" SRC="/images/smilies/34.gif" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank">


Since some months I have noticed more and more French users becoming quite active on RateBeer. And the French beer world is certainly getting better and bigger by the day. Personally I feel the time is ripe to organise a 1st national French RateBeer meeting.
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Many countries already have yearly meet-ups, which usually combine grand tastings, and visits brewers, bars and beer shops with a great atmosphere. I think French beer lovers are found all over the country and all over the internet (RateBeer, Untappd, private blogs, brewing forums), but it would be amazing if we can all come together to celebrate good beer.

Clearly this is just an idea and I would love to hear from you all if you would be interested or if you even can help organise. Any ideas are welcome!

My idea? Paris: for reasons of logistics and the possibilities in town. 2 days (1 night) would be great, so there is more time to share, explore and drink. We could ask cool Parisian beer places to host us; especially for a grand tasting where everybody can bring some of there most precious bottles!

Good idea? <border=0 title="good day!" SRC="/images/smilies/34.gif" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank">

beers 1165 º places 9 º 07:54 Thu 2/6/2014

This is definitely a good idea !
And I am ready to help you in the organization of such event.
Paris is probably the best place, but we could also do it in Lyon.
Rhone Alpes is where we have a majority of craft breweries.
Anyhow, you can count on me to participate and to help on the organization.
Cheers !
PS: I will send you my contact details via PM.

beers 1 º 08:51 Thu 2/6/2014

I’m good with Paris or Lyon. This is a great idea. I could ask to Romain at L’Express de Lyon (Paris) or Cyril at les Fleurs du Malt (Lyon) to welcome the gathering. I’m pretty sure they would accept to privatize at least a part of their bar for that.
(La Fine Mousse in Paris could also be an option, but space would be more limited). Or it would probablu be possible to do something at La Capsule in Lille (I can ask to Franck if needed), but the location is less central.
When the things become more concrete, I shall ask to my beer buddies if they want to come / help organize (or should it be reserved to RB members?)

beers 1935 º places 48 º 10:24 Thu 2/6/2014

Oh yeah, this is a great idea !

beers 6301 º places 59 º 11:32 Thu 2/6/2014


Good idea.
The logistic side will be a bit complex for such an ambituous projet. (I personnally tried to organise such meeting for Alsace + Bade Wurtenberg + North Switzerland with motivited active ratebeerians, at the end nothing happens as no date was matching, no relevant place to stay was found ...)

I cannot say I would be able to do the travel to Paris, but if I can, I would be happy to participate.


beers 4159 º places 161 º 11:57 Thu 2/6/2014

Originally posted by jaghana
(I personnally tried to organise such meeting for Alsace + Bade Wurtenberg + North Switzerland with motivited active ratebeerians, at the end nothing happens as no date was matching, no relevant place to stay was found ...)

France is a large, centralised country. I would be in for Lyon in summer, but haven’t read any ratings from anyone from that region so far.

Should there still be an interest in a CH-DE-FR triangle/Dreiländereck meeting DE-Freiburg would still be strategically in the middle and a place can be found to host quick enough. Only a pity there seem to be only 4 active RB members in that wide area, maybe 6 at best, when counting new members from Württemberg and ¿Lorraine?. It’s a region with many borders and last time I tried not everyone was as eager to travel...although it would be very easy to host everyone in one home for the evening and the night.

Qui d’autre situé au sud-est de Paris préférerait de voyager vers l’est à F-Strasbourg, CH-Bâle ou D-Freiburg au lieu de vers le nord-ouest? Y-a-t’il une scène RB active cachée à Lyon ou Grenoble, la région de très bonnes nouvelles brasseries?

beers 6036 º places 274 º 01:24 Fri 2/7/2014

Great! Very happy to see some interest in this plan.

What time would suit you all? Weekend or weekdays? I was thinking of the summer, to allow enough time to organise things, but it could possibly be as early as May or even April. Earlier does have the benefit that people are more likely to know if they have plans.

Another place than Paris would be great too, if we can get a good, condensed program together. I wouldn’t mind Lyon (or Lille) at all, but although some of my favourite French brewers (Mont Salève, Valée du Giffre) are from the Rhone-Alps area, they still aren’t very close, no? Then again, I have only visited Lyon before my beer obsession kicked in.

As for Paris, I am sure there will be interest in hosting us. I can ask Simon of La Cave a Bulles, for example. It depends a bit of the group size.

I know organizing something like this is hard sometimes, getting many agendas to work together, but if we take our time it is certainly possible. The European RateBeer meetings even have people from all over Europe, so just from France should be possible, no?

It should be open to everyone, not just RateBeer members, but if (one can dream ;) the group becomes too large perhaps we should prefer RateBeerians. But yeah, that’s deal with that when it becomes a ’problem’.

beers 4159 º places 161 º 05:24 Fri 2/7/2014

What about a RB Paris réunion somewhere during the action-packed long weekend of 1-4 May, with Cantillon Quintessence in Brussels on 1 May and Zeebra Festival in Kamperland on 3 May: one straight line, one France-Benelux RB continuum, one large logistic challenge...

beers 6036 º places 274 º 05:39 Fri 2/7/2014

That would not leave much time for the 1FRBG (1st French RateBeer Gathering), no?

beers 4159 º places 161 º 06:25 Fri 2/7/2014

I suppose it would leave the gap Friday (jour de pont) and Sunday open on the weekend of le premier Mai, still a big thing in France if I’m not mistaken. But maybe a 2-day FR/SA or SA/SU event might be a bit too ambitious for a first FRBG.

beers 1 º 09:57 Fri 2/7/2014

April and May will be very busy for me (beer week-end in Belgium mid-April, Night of the Great Thirst and Zythos the following week-end, then Quintessence and CBC beginning of May (no Zeebra for me, I know they place it during CBC on purpose, but then I will never attend it). I’d rather plan this later in the year.
Imho, Paris or Lyon seem good choices, a choice of another place might lower the number of attendees too much.