Šnekutis (Vinius, Lithuania) Opening times?

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11:25 Sun 5/13/2012

Hi, me and my friend will be flying to Vilnius in the future, but will arrive at around 21:30. I have had a look and one website seems to suggest the bar closes at 22:00 (early even by English standards!), whilst another website seems to suggest that the new opening times are till 23:00. does anyone know what time this bar (either the Old town or Uzupis one) closes and whether the owner is that strict on closing on time? Also is it possible to get there on time if we get a taxi straight from the airport to the bar? thanks alot!

beers 16893 º places 627 º 13:55 Sun 5/13/2012

My photos from my recent trip to the Uzupio one are dated from:
Image Created: 2012:03:08 22:09:23
Image Created: 2012:03:08 22:50:22
I live in the same timezone, so hopefully those are accurate. I think the two pubs have the same hours. The old town one’s a bit livelier, but the Uzupio one’s more homely.

Just grab a taxi, it’ll be as cheap as chips.

17:53 Wed 5/16/2012

thanks alot for the info! hopefully we will have enough time for a pint. Is the Old Town the one the owner (the eccentric bearded fella!) works at, and the Uzupio one the one that looks like a shed with farm items inside? I think maybe the Uzupio one looks a more interesting place for us but there is a certain appeal about going to the bar the owner works at!

beers 16893 º places 627 º 01:16 Thu 5/17/2012

The owner has been in the Old Town one every time we’ve got in there. We keep passing through Vilnius when Snekutis is closed, so don’t know if what we’ve seen is always the case.

beers 7625 º places 235 º 13:57 Mon 5/28/2012

I’ve had the same experience: the owner always seems to be at the Old Town pub. He dropped off some stuff at the Uzupio one once, but doesn’t appear to work there.

By the way: if Snekutis is closed, try the other places. There’s quite a few places you can have kaimiskas now, so you don’t necessarily have to go to Snekutis.

(I always left early when I was there, so I don’t know when it closes.)