2 Gallon Batches vs. 5 Gallon Batches

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Originally posted by robrules
I always see comments about people saying they canít imagine drinking 5 gals. of the same beer and donít homebrew because they prefer variety. As an IPA drinker/brewer I canít imagine drinking the same commercial IPAís over and over again. I get to drink a totally unique IPA every 2 cases.

Especially when most IPAs on the shelf are already past their prime. Homebrewing IPAs will allow you the good fortune of drinking the freshest IPAs that ever existed.

My thinking is brew styles you want to drink a lot of and occasionally buy commercial styles you just want a bottle or two of. If itís good and sessionable then you shouldnít have trouble finding mouths for 5gallons of beer.

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Also, kegging makes it that much easier. Now, mead is a whole other story. 1gallon batches are cool due to costs, variety, etc. Unfortunately, you only get 1 gallon but itís not a huge time investment.

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Originally posted by Quasimodo
The only time I regret brewing 5 gallons is when I occasionally make something that isnít very good. Drain pouring gallons of homebrew is a sad occurrence.
There are alternatives.

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2 gallon batches are a lot more enticing to me.

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