23 Reasons Florida (Yes, Florida) Is Quite Possibly The Best State In America

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Someone posted this on Facebook and I was going to go comment, "Pffft, stupid Huffington Post didn’t even include the best reason - Cigar City!"

...but I read the article and shit, #9

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That is quite an honor for Cigar City. My congrats to the brew team there.

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If they are serving Cigar City in the waiting room for Heaven, I can’t wait to see the taplist inside!

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That’s pretty cool!

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another big hit to the already shaky credibility of HuffPo.

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Florida man

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Forgot to add people start riots when they don’t get thier beer.

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#11 is BS. Try coming to Gainesville in Aug/Sept. pretty much nonstop monsoons

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Originally posted by RABinVA
another big hit to the already shaky credibility of HuffPo.

As a decade long (former)resident, let me +1.

19:32 Thu 3/27/2014

#24 you can shoot black kids and get away with it!