2nd Annual Valumarket Beer Festival

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beers 2089 º places 153 º 16:08 Tue 11/30/2010

Over 500 beers this year, unlimited tastings for 25 bucks. Anyone else going to be there on Saturday?

beers 999 º places 47 º 16:33 Tue 11/30/2010

would love too, but Iíll be out of town

Sounds really promising though! I really like what the VM people are doing!

Last year was a nice start, and this year sounds even more promising. I am bringing a friend who is starting on the path to craft beer.

beers 316 º places 13 º 11:30 Mon 12/6/2010

so how did it go? We had so much planned already on Saturday that there was no chance at all to make it over there.

I thought it went very well. Tried many new beers, and toted a tape recorder for rates (yeah, Iím that guy). Several beers not commonly on the shelves around here. Tried Fullerís VA 2008-2009 back to back.

Time and money well spent.