300$ for starting share trading? No demo. Smart Exchange from UInvest

Reads 1279 • Replies 18 • Started Wednesday, June 12, 2013 6:56:45 AM CT

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beers 2404 º places 111 º 08:08 Wed 6/12/2013

Can you guarantee a 10% return every year? If so, I’ll order a dozen.

beers 3324 º places 252 º 08:10 Wed 6/12/2013

BM sent

beers 3324 º places 252 º 08:10 Wed 6/12/2013

BM sent

beers 226 º places 6 º 08:13 Wed 6/12/2013

I can’t believe this isn’t done yet!! Somebody hook beername2013 up! A+++++ would be identity thefted again!1!!

beers 1 º places 1 º 08:14 Wed 6/12/2013

You had me at "chilling drinking mah beer," I mean who wouldn’t fall for that, but you lost me with "neat."

Please advise.

beers 1 º places 1 º 08:16 Wed 6/12/2013

Also, someone will hopefully soon post a great video of a dog driving into a park.

beers 1314 º places 15 º 08:17 Wed 6/12/2013

Is it waxed?

beers 970 º places 1 º 08:27 Wed 6/12/2013

Can’t you guys just give a break to a simple guy with a dream from New Ark, New York, Alabama? Wherever that may be

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