5 years

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Originally posted by pepsiedcan
Itíd be a whole lot cooler if all of us were turning 30 this year as well. Thatís probably just me and the birthday boy canihave4beers though.

Iíll be hitting 5 years in October.

Iím turning 30(+10) next month.

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Look at all of the cute little young íuns congratulating each other. . . Itís adorable. . .

I got 10 years cominí up in 5 months. Dear God-- what have I done with my life?

Jusí kiddiní. Itís been a good ride. Iíll save the existential crisis for the day I get banned.

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30 (+10) is probably like regular old 30 to Bangs Chol, so you can be a part of the cool club too.

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Originally posted by CanIHave4Beers
Originally posted by TheAlum
Originally posted by pepsiedcan
Only 5? I swear you were an OG when I started. Congrats!

Thatís what I was thinking too..

Me too.

+1 When I met Bryan five years ago, I thought heíd already been on the site a while.

Anyway, right on, Bryan!

Itís been great knowing you and sharing some great (and some not-so-great) beers with you over the past five years and I hope that will continue.

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Congrats, Bryan. A 5 year commitment is admirable. Thatís longer than many marriages.