6-bottle Shipper Across America BIF

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beers 324 º places 3 º 16:49 Wed 5/29/2013

(Idea partially stolen from SP23)

Pretty simple. A list of participants and their shipping information is put together. Someone fills out a 6-bottle styrofoam shipper and sends it to a recipient of his or her choice, crossing that person's name off a printed list which is then put into the box. That person fills out the same shipper/box and sends it to another person on the list, crossing their name off, and so on until the box arrives back to the original sender.

Minimum 5 trades, no negative feedback
Lower 48
4-bomber minimum (obviously can be bended if you're sending WL or special beers)

Everyone who wants to participate should update their want lists, as that's ideally the basis upon which a sender will choose his or her recipient.

I'm hoping to get between 15 and 20 people for this. It will take a while for it to go full-circle but it should be fun. Hopefully someone can volunteer to go first and therefore provide a 6-bottle styrofoam shipper and print out the list of participants. If I had one on hand I would have.

Who's in?

beers 8823 º places 1065 º 16:56 Wed 5/29/2013

I like this idea!!

Although I suggest you include a $$ target in the rules.

beers 12 º places 3 º 17:04 Wed 5/29/2013


places 1 º 17:06 Wed 5/29/2013

I'm in, never done one of these.

beers 112 º places 9 º 17:08 Wed 5/29/2013

in thanks for the chance

17:12 Wed 5/29/2013

I'm in on this. Sounds good to me.

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beers 2883 º places 348 º 17:15 Wed 5/29/2013


places 10 º 17:15 Wed 5/29/2013

I'm in.

places 1 º 17:16 Wed 5/29/2013

How many people do you want to acquire on this list before closing it off and we start?

beers 324 º places 3 º 17:17 Wed 5/29/2013

This is filling up quickly, I think we should cap it at 20.

When signups are finished, everyone message me your shipping info plus a few words about anything you don't want sent to you, if necessary.

beers 3161 º places 67 º 17:38 Wed 5/29/2013

whats the dollar amount

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