7 Stern in Vienna took a hit in quality?

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Iíve heard both rumors and direct "witness reports" that one of my favorite brewpubs, 7 Stern Bršu, which sorta served as Viennaís more traditional style-wise balance to the modern craft experimentation at the 1516 Brewing, has undergone a change for the worse.

Some claim that theyíve changed the malts they use for their beers, and, for example, according to heavy, whoís been there, their Rauchbier, maybe the best outside of Bamberg, is not even a shade of its former self.

If thatís true, thatís a damn shame...

beers 24378 º places 213 º 09:06 Sun 4/21/2013

Only been there the once so canít comment on quality comparison. The beers were okay, the service was terrible.

beers 19198 º places 1033 º 09:37 Sun 4/21/2013

Been there the once myself in í00 and wasnít rating then so no notes on the beers. Remembered them being decent thoí.

Have had a few at recent tastings thanks to Scopey and must admit I havenít been overly impressed.

beers 6037 º places 274 º 01:22 Mon 4/22/2013

As long as itís not the 7 Stern Chilli. ;) But yeah the rauch was tasty.

beers 21085 º places 1029 º 01:27 Mon 4/22/2013

They certainly have bottling issues. I havenít been to the brewpub since around Dec í11/Jan í12, and at the time the beers I drank on site were fine. Iíve had a few bottles of their beer since then and the majority were infected.

beers 5284 º places 174 º 03:54 Mon 4/22/2013

stuff on site i had last month was spot on, especially the new rauch "extreme".

beers 5601 º places 284 º 04:16 Mon 4/22/2013

Hmm, interesting.

Well, Iíll definitely revisit it as I really like the place. Or their beers at least.

@Erik: hehehehehe, I remember that :D