8 beers Americans drink less of supposedly

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beers 7444 º places 91 º 08:58 Thu 12/29/2011

8 beers

A step in the right direction.

places 1 º 09:02 Thu 12/29/2011

Sales declines of Bud are amazing (7mil bbls. in 5 years) when compared to the 10mil bbls. of craft beer sold in 2010.

beers 3279 º places 2 º 09:10 Thu 12/29/2011

This is why Inbev is fighting craft beer.

beers 1589 º places 63 º 09:46 Thu 12/29/2011

Aren’t the other brands showing gains and rebounding back? I read a similar article to that one earlier this year showing Bud on a heavy decline but Busch on a steady increase, mainly just going down a notch from the premium product to the one a few dollars cheaper. Buds been on a decline because most drinkers have switched to Bud Light according to the article.

beers 999 º places 47 º 09:51 Thu 12/29/2011

Switching from bud to bud light? Who cares? This isnt a step in the right direction hahah. And does that beer flight photo show up on every mainstrem beer article??