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Umm, I'm going to Brussels for some EU job test from the 11th to the 15th of March. So, staying for 4 nights because of my plane schedule, I have accommodation for the last two nights, but nothing for the first two so far, and I'm on a tight budget.

Do you know of any cheap but good hostels there (up to 20€ I guess per night), or any place I could crash for those two nights?

Unfortunately, to cut costs, I'm also not carrying any luggage except for my backpack -> long story short, can't carry any beer...

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I tried this one ten years ago. It seemed decent enough for the price but I haven't been back since to check it out:

This place is extremely cosy with lots of interesting tenants but since I only stayed there for half a year in 2001 I wouldn't know what their short stay rates are:

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I almost exclusively stay at NH hotels when in Belgium. They're cheap, standard and not dirty.

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The member hostels of Hostelling International - - are usually quite good, fairly clean and safe, but they are not extremely cheap - a bed at the Bruegel or Generation Europe will cost you 23.60 EUR per night, but that appears to be with breakfast included. There might be cheaper independent hostels, but I don't know any.

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Ok, I'll check them out, thanks for your help! :)

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we stayed at 2Go4 a few years back, private room two nights, six person dorm after Mabel left.

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The 2GO4 is awesome. There private accommodations very nice, right on the grand place, and just a few blocks from Delirium.

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Originally posted by erway
The 2GO4 is awesome. There private accommodations very nice, right on the grand place, and just a few blocks from Delirium.

Yep, we stayed there too. Location was top notch. Went to Delirium pretty much every day we were there due to how close we were.

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It's been years but I stayed in this place and liked it well enough:

Shut down for a fire a few years ago but seems to be open now. Decent bar. Easy walk to Grand Place, etc.

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Moon hotel. Just off the Grand Place, and cheap.

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I think there are actually two 2Go4 locations. Ours was a bit farther out from the core, but walkable without luggage.