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beers 4255 º places 393 º 21:17 Thu 10/11/2012

Just wanted to see what people thought about adding places. There was recently a lot of discussion on the UK forum about the number of places being added. The two sides basically being that some people wanted only the very best places to be on ratebeer, and the others saying that all craft beer places should be added and the scoring system will do the work of showing which ones are the best. I think I am with the latter, but wanted to check what the consensus was before I add any more places.

beers 99 º places 94 º 21:42 Thu 10/11/2012

i am of the opinion that if the place is good enough for you to shop their(even 1 time a year) should be added!

beers 5911 º places 343 º 07:49 Fri 10/12/2012

Add if you want, but you know in Japan if it is not highly rated it is highly likely no one from this site will go there. Iíve purposely left places off the site because I figured no one would go out of there way to go to a mediocre beer bar, when there is so many good options.

beers 10311 º places 719 º 19:34 Fri 10/12/2012

There are thousands of stores that sell a handful of craft beers. Even convenient stores can be good. I donít think such are useful on here, and in the end it is always me who has to get the correct address and set up the maps properly, which takes a lot of time. If you think a place is special, add it, but we donít need every place in the land. And please try to get the address right.

beers 4255 º places 393 º 06:30 Sat 10/13/2012

I was definitely thinking more of bars than stores. Take for example August Beer Club. It has 6 (I think) August beers on which I think is pretty good and is a nice enough place, but is not on here.
Stores, I agree, not so much point adding places that have a few good beers, as there are other places that have the same beers at the same price and are more accessible. There was a great place I got Cantillon in a couple of weeks ago near where I work, but its good selection was definitely not good enough to add.
With regards to the addresses, please let me know if I am adding them wrong, as I try to do my best to check that I am putting in the right address.

beers 5911 º places 343 º 06:56 Sat 10/13/2012

August beer should probably beer on this site, though Iíve never been, people say its good. Lots of places that are good, are not on the site, simply because there are too many places right now in Japan.

beers 10311 º places 719 º 17:05 Sat 10/13/2012

Definitely add the August. Iíd like to go there too.

beers 99 º places 94 º 17:42 Sat 10/13/2012

i want to say that i am in no way trying to change anybodyís opinion;if when traveling,if buying a beer at a store is just the act of paying money to a storekeeper then later going to your residence/park and drinking the beer...i agree with everyone.for me,it is a whole lot more.

beers 4255 º places 393 º 20:46 Sat 10/13/2012

Will add August. Am popping there in the next couple of weeks or so, so will get all the necessary details.
Guess the way to go is to add them if I think it is worthwhile and then if afterwards people think they arenít good enough to be on they can be deleted. Is this a huge hassle Mark?

beers 5911 º places 343 º 21:22 Sat 10/13/2012

Deleting is not an issue. Actually I am going to have a look at the Places section now and suggest deletions. Anyone who disagrees with the deletions speak up after I list the places.

beers 5911 º places 343 º 21:38 Sat 10/13/2012
No Craft Beer
The atmosphere here is good, but hardly represents a craft beer drinkers heaven - namely because there is no craft beer available.
Despite the reviewers comments, I donít know anyone who goes to this place. Very ubiquitous Belgian beer place with nothing special to offer.
Same reason as above
I could check it out, as it is between work and home, but four taps and they advertise Bass and other generic beers for the selection. I think it should be nuked.
I like this place, but even for German pubs, this place doesnít have a very good selection, though great atmosphere.

Any objections to nuking these places?