Akron ohio area

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Anybody out there have any nice spots to stock up on beers from the area? Thanks

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West Point Market, Hoppin Frog brewery, Any Acme Grocery Store, Primos Deli to name a few

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Hoppin Frog themselves if you are around during their retail sales hours. I know they had BA Sweet Naked Evil not long ago. Thirsty Dog is in the Akron area too. 69 taps isnt horrible, or you could go to Kent and hit Rayís place and 101 bottles.

To me, depending how much time you have, Iíd be heading south to Boardman and going to Vintage Estates, or heading north to actual Cleveland area (about an hour 20min drive) and going to Lizardville, Fat Heads, Brew Kettle, Great Lakes (if you want West Side) or Chuckís Fine Wine, Lizardville, Warehouse Bev on the East side.

There is a small shop in Medina that isnt too bad, North Coast Beverage.. had some 3F on shelves and some other Founders, but stock rotates SUPER slow there. Mustard Seed in Fairlawn used to have a much better selection, now they are cut down to only a 4ft chunk of beer and thus not worth a stop.

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Thanks alot for the feedback thus far. Looks like ill be puttin the rental car to good use.

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North Coast, Brew kettle for sure, Rozziís in Lakewood, Southland Beverage, Heinenís in Strongsville, heard Chuckís is good...

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If you donít mind putting some miles on the odometer, you could also hit up Vintage Estate in Boardman about an hour east. (Supposedly) one of the best bottle shops in the country.

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Someone recently told me Southland Beverage closed. I havenít been out there so Iíd call first. And thereís no need to go to Vintage Estate when you have Roziís and Lizardville. Those would be my go to stops. Roziís first and then Lizardville if you can make it.

Vintage is nice, but they sell everything as single bottles with a huge upcharge. They get away with it because they are on the state line where most stores in PA make you buy beer by the case. You can still get any single you want at the other beer stores in the Cleveland area. And they will have everything you are looking for and probably more.