American Craft Beer Week in Boise

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beers 2 º 08:32 Tue 4/12/2011

So, I thought with the big week fast approaching I’d start a thread on what everyone’s plans are for American Craft Beer Week.

What I know so far is this.

Brewforiafest at the Meridian location May 14th and 15th featuring beers from independent craft brewers in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah and Montana. This was going to be the event downtown but we couldn’t secure the space due to some merchants not wanting a beer event.

Bittercreek is going to feature all Idaho beer on their 39 taps for the week

Tablerock will be releasing a new beer each day of the week

Jake from the Ram is road tripping it to Eastern Idaho to pick up kegs from Bertram’s, Portneuf and hopefully Idaho Brewing and Wildlife and these kegs along with beer from Crescent, Wallace, McCall Brewing, Salmon River, Laughing Dog, Sun Valley, Grand Teton, Sockeye, Ram, Highlands Hollow, Tablerock and possibly Payette will all be available in select bars, taverns and bottle shops around town.

What are all your plans?

18:23 Tue 4/12/2011

Rick - glad this is still happening, even though you couldn’t get a spot downtown. I’m graduating from Boise State with my degree on 05/14, but am still looking forward to 05/15 and whatever beer I can get my hands on!

I will be bringing a buddy of mine and we’ll be enjoying some good local brews!


beers 5477 º places 215 º 18:35 Tue 4/12/2011

I think we’ll probably try to get all Idaho beers on tap for the week. That sounds like fun.

beers 2 º 21:24 Tue 4/12/2011

Originally posted by BückDich
I think we’ll probably try to get all Idaho beers on tap for the week. That sounds like fun.

You might shoot an email over to Jake at the Ram and see if he can arrange for any more kegs from the brewers he’s picking up from. I know we could get some Boise beer’s up to you for the week.

beers 2 º 22:14 Mon 4/18/2011

It looks like Boneyard, 10 Barrel, Cascade Lakes and Yakima Craft Brewing are in for the May event.

beers 5477 º places 215 º 22:46 Mon 4/18/2011

Originally posted by brewtopian
It looks like Boneyard, 10 Barrel, Cascade Lakes and Yakima Craft Brewing are in for the May event.

Nice! Those are some good new up and coming regionals I’ve been really excited about.

beers 2 º 10:57 Sun 4/24/2011

More new beers in for Brewforiafest and American Craft Beer Week. Two Beers, Alameda and Taeton Cidery

10:03 Fri 5/13/2011

So, finally an update:

Brewforia Beer Fest - May 14th and 15th

Idaho Beer Tour Passport Program, 5/16-5/22:
Participating locations include: Payette Brewing, Sockeye, TableRock, The Ram, Highlands Hollow, Bar Gernika, both Brewforia locations, Brewers Haven, Bittercreek, and The Front Door. For more details, please pick up your passport this weekend @ the Boise Co-op, BrewCon, or Brewforia.

Old Chicago locations will both be doing local craft beer flights throughout the week.

Sockeye hosts a beer dinner on Thursday night (5/19).

The Ram will release limited batch beers as follows:
Monday: Barrel Aged Bock. 1 keg of Our Bock aged in a Wood River Cellars Malbec barrel
Tuesday: Dark Lager aged on cherries & the Vanilla you gave us
Wednesday: 1 cask of Taildragger Ipa with us present to chat beer and maybe give tours of the brewery if anyone is interested.
Thursday: Bourbon Barrel Bock: Mai Bock aged on Wild Turkey soaked oak
Friday: Brewers whim.

TableRock will also release limited batch beers:
Bourbon Barrel Oak Smoked Porter -While looking for wood to smoke some pulled pork I came across an old bourbon barrel I had laying around and thought "Why Not". While cutting the wood you could smell mass amounts of caramel and vanilla, then I thought "I’ve got to get that in a beer", so I smoked 4 lbs of pale ale malt and mashed it with my favorite porter recipe and this is the result.

Tim actually had the idea for this one after tasting last years Best of Show at The All Idaho Hausbrau Battle last year. He added some black peppercorns to enhance the spiciness derived from the Rye malt

Belgian Blossom
Using a Belgian yeast strain from one of the other breweries in town we took a small portion of The Orange Blossom Special and fermented it on it. I can only imagine this is going to be a really tasty beer for Craft Beer Week.

Chardonnay Barrel Aged Ascension Imperial Pilsner
After this lager was done fermenting way back in February we took it from the primary vessel and racked it into a Chardonnay barrel from our friend Neil at Wood River Cellars and put it in cold storage so as not to compromise this exceptional libation.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Dubbel Trubbel
This is the collaboration beer Tim and I did with Josh and Lance of Sockeye Brewing. We took this one and aged it in bourbon barrels we received on loan from Matt Gelsthorpe of the Boise Coop and Dave Krick of Bittercreek Alehouse I expect the caramel and whiskey flavors to do wonderful things to this beer.

Gluten-Free Beers
This year in recognition of our gluten intolerant patrons we’ve been dabbling in gluten free beers. We’ve got two flavors One uses toasted buckwheat groats for added flavor and the other uses Orange Blossom honey for an added twist

13th St. Pub in Hyde Park has brewers spotlight nights:
WED--SOCKEYE BREWING w/ brewer Josh King
SUN---PAYETTE BREWING w/ brewer Mike Francis

Gem State Brewery Collectables Club Show, Saturday 5/21, 11AM-4PM
942 Preakness Dr. (private residence)
Eagle, ID 83616
[email protected]

All Idaho craft beers are 10% off through the week @ the Boise Co-op.

I think that’s all, but it seems like plenty to me. Cheers, ~m

beers 2 º 20:22 Fri 5/13/2011

Duffmanboise let me know how I can get my hands on those gluten free beers from time to time since we get a lot of request for those types of beer