Amsterdam August 23-27

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places 74 º 09:23 Wed 8/15/2012

I'll be visiting Amsterdam August 23-27. Any advice on places to check out, beer-related or not, would be much appreciated. I'll definitely be going to Arendsnest, Wildeman, Beer Temple, Brouwerij 't IJ, De Prael, and De Bierkoning, and I'll also be visiting De Molen. Are there any specific beers or breweries that I can't get in the UK that I should look out for? Anyone in the area want to meet up for a few beers or an in-person trade?


beers 7583 º places 718 º 09:42 Wed 8/15/2012

This might be some help

Also worth getting hold of a copy of "Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers"

If you have a little more time for a trip out, Haarlem is only a short train ride and has some decent bars, including the impressive Jopenkerk brewpub

places 74 º 13:59 Wed 8/15/2012

Thanks Chris!