Amsterdam today & tomorrow

Reads 428 • Replies 2 • Started Monday, October 16, 2017 2:42:16 AM CT

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beers 527 º places 141 º 02:42 Mon 10/16/2017

Hi folks,

we are on spontaneous trip to Amsterdam and will be there this afternoon and tomorrow (16th and 17th October).
We will visit the beer-bars at downtown, maybe someone is there or lieke to meet for a beer?


beers 527 º places 141 º 08:09 Thu 10/19/2017

Yes! Spent some nice days in Amsterdam and had a lot of fun at different bars. Great city!

beers 9289 º places 355 º 09:48 Thu 10/19/2017

Good to hear! Guess it was just too short notice for me to show up. Send me a beermail whenever you decide to return :-)