Anchorage Darkest Hour Imperial Stout

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beers 12935 º places 501 º 12:50 Thu 11/27/2014

Not sure how many people have bought the Anchorage Darkest Hour Imperial Stout Batch #2, but I’m sure many didn’t notice subtle changes to the label that cause for some detective work. The label last year said it was a Belgian Imperial Stout, had been aged on Pinot Noir/Rye Whiskey/Brett laced barrels then blended. This years states its Imperial Stout and was aged on Whiskey barrels. This is nothing new with bottles variations, however many locals who know I am into beer started questioning it being the same beer as last year and since I have not tried it yet I contacted Gabe for the answers.

The answer is that Batch #2 is a new recipe using different grains, barrels and yeast. The Batch #1 used Belgian yeast and this uses regular ale yeast. Also it was only aged on high end whiskey barrels and blended before bottling, no Brett.

I have added this years batch as Anchorage Darkest Hour Imperial Stout in the database:

Hope this helps raters out...Cheers, Shawn

beers 5019 º places 97 º 13:53 Thu 11/27/2014

ISO :)

beers 10001 º places 672 º 14:16 Thu 11/27/2014

Thank you for the detective work

beers 2164 º places 40 º 14:56 Thu 11/27/2014

Admins, I rated this under the original listing...should it be changed? Also that page
won’t pull up for me...

Thanks Shawn!

Edit: NVM, I figured it out, and the page did finally load.

beers 11383 º places 123 º 10:36 Fri 11/28/2014

Last year’s batch that made it down to the Midwest was incredible. I’m really hoping some of this year’s makes it way down as well, can’t wait to try the 2014

beers 15020 º places 1577 º 10:41 Fri 11/28/2014

impatiently waiting for this to appear. Last year’s was awesome.

beers 12935 º places 501 º 11:24 Fri 11/28/2014

Been on shelves here in Anchorage for about two weeks now (not totally sure since I’ve been back from Japan for about 1.5 weeks). Again I haven’t grabbed a bottle yet, but Duchammer and a few other of my rater friends have indicated this probably needs to sit for a little longer. I know that he used some Laphroaig barrels, which in my experience bring high booze/heat. The distro time to the lower 48 should help.