And the 2013 Sam Adams Harvest Mix Pack lineup is...

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beers 249 º 19:09 Sat 7/27/2013

Old favorites:

Boston Lager
Harvest Pumpkin
Hazel Brown
Latitude 48

And debuting:

Ruby Mild

I haven’t seen this on the shelves yet, I’m getting my information from the Internet.

I like the looks of this. I could see going back to this well a few times this fall. Really enjoy all five of the returning beers. The new beer looks inoffensive. They didn’t feel a need to shanghai a shandy and two fruit beers in there (I mean, sure, it’s fall, but coastal wheat was once in their winter mix pack.). ;) I’m glad that they avoided the Irish Red this year, also, which isn’t a bad beer, I had one today from a six pack, it was just getting a little much the way it seemed to be included in the same two mix packs every year.

The only negative is that I keep hoping against hope that their rauchbier will re-emerge, and it didn’t, but I don’t know how realistic that hope was. We’ve only seen it once.

Anyway, I’m not complaining, I’m excited to see (Well, read of, haven’t seen it yet) a Sam Adams mix pack I can embrace again. Sam Adams Octoberfest was the first craft beer I really got into and I always want to like these mix packs, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to get this year’s summer one yet and have skipped a few others in recent years. This one looks like a winner.

Anyone had the Ruby Mild yet? If so, how is it?

beers 1707 º places 103 º 20:03 Sat 7/27/2013

no shandy? ws;sp.

beers 1606 º places 115 º 20:13 Sat 7/27/2013

No cranberry lambic = we all win.

beers 1606 º places 115 º 20:22 Sat 7/27/2013

Charm: it looks like ruby mild is not in the database yet. Feel free to do the first rating if you try it soon!

beers 11020 º places 158 º 23:51 Sat 7/27/2013

Ruby Mild. What the fuck. Sounds like a gal George Jones banged back in the 70s.

beers 16645 º places 1366 º 00:58 Sun 7/28/2013

Originally posted by RABinVA
no shandy? ws;sp.

want to reiterate the value of this post.

beers 1799 º places 63 º 05:42 Sun 7/28/2013

I really enjoyed the Hazel Brown. I may pick this up again.

beers 470 º places 10 º 05:49 Sun 7/28/2013

The ruby mild is supposed to be based on recipes for mild ales from the 1800’s.

beers 223 º places 1 º 11:31 Tue 8/13/2013

I enjoyed the Ruby Mild. It was just the correct balance of malts without being syrupy sweet or light. I would buy this regularly.

beers 5190 º places 54 º 11:37 Tue 8/13/2013

Originally posted by pinkie
The ruby mild is supposed to be based on recipes for mild ales from the 1800’s.

Hopefully more so than the lambic was based on a recipe for a lambic.

beers 1074 º places 51 º 16:00 Tue 8/13/2013

Their rauchbier was pretty good. Wouldn’t mind seeing it make a comeback either.