android app : add text at the same time as, or before putting in numbers

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beers 3 º places 1 º 09:45 Wed 11/8/2017

Originally posted by Pinball
My way of rating is that i write the text as i rate the beer.
With the android app, i have to type in the numbers before i can get access to type in the text.
I would strongly prefer it to be the reverse, or it should at least be possible to write the text at the same time as the numbers.

My rating procedure :

looks at glass.
writes down the apperance score and the description of the appearance
sniffs the aroma
writes down the aroma score and write down the aroma description
take a sip
write down the flavor description and put in the flavor score
write down the palate description and put in the palate socre
another sip
write down overall and overall score

this procedure is impossible with the new app, or i will have to write down the text somewhere else first, as the text entering area only show up after i have put in the overall score and pressed send.

btw. why isn't there a forum for discussing the android app
also, most software projects lets user have access to the bugs and improvements lists.. Do we have them public for ratebeer and the app?

Thanks for this! Usually we collect feedback and say what else is coming in the feature announcements, but may be good to have something dedicated to the apps (development happens simultaneously for iOS and Android). I'll talk to Joe about it.

Can you add any ideas on how to fix this to my post above?

- Stefanos from the RateBeer mobile team

beers 7810 º places 211 º 10:01 Wed 11/8/2017

The easiest way would be to offer the possibilty to write a rating before you assign scores. Just put the rating scores and text block in one screen, like in the old app,