Android app: issues (with fixes) and new stuff

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beers 6036 º places 274 º 08:44 Wed 4/17/2013

Okay so I uploaded 2 version this week which were, well, buggy. I apologize for that and the latest version (1.5.4) should solve all your issues.

On the bright side, I added and update the new styles, so you can dig through that those top polotmavý and sahti lists.

Beer mail works again, for the first time properly since threading messages were introduced on the site. You’ll still get reminders (if you have this enabled in settings) of new messages, but the read status and any replies in a thread should now properly load. Replying is working again as well. Make sure you have an internet connection.

Also new (and the cause of those earlier bugs) is that I enabled Android Beam on the beer details screen. That means that your NFC enabled devices can share beer details by tapping the backs of the devices together. Having a tasting with friends? Only one has to type in ’Zámecký Oslavany 13° Polotmavé František (Františkova Třináctka)’ and once found (on the beer’s details screen) you hold your phone to your friends’ and the beer details open there. Easy, eh?

Issues? Requests? Questions?

beers 6036 º places 274 º 08:46 Wed 4/17/2013

Oh and beer photo uploads work again as well so get snapping! (Note, you might need to click on the beer photo on the website to view your upload. The thumbnails are not refreshed instantly.)

beers 10017 º places 672 º 08:46 Wed 4/17/2013

Excellent- thanks for this. Will give the app a try.

beers 7164 º places 10 º 08:55 Wed 4/17/2013

beers 2161 º places 248 º 08:59 Wed 4/17/2013

Great work!

places 12 º 09:00 Wed 4/17/2013

beers 15972 º places 20 º 09:01 Wed 4/17/2013

Thanks a lot, Eric. Keep up the good work.

beers 5132 º places 237 º 09:20 Wed 4/17/2013

This available on Blackberry yet?

beers 9622 º places 335 º 09:26 Wed 4/17/2013

I was having issues updating so I uninstalled the old version but now I can’t install the new one! It says Error: could not be downloaded due to an error (927). Using Spring, Samsung Galaxy.

beers 15972 º places 20 º 09:47 Wed 4/17/2013

Originally posted by MiP
Thanks a lot, Eric. Keep up the good work.

Except it does not work. Crashes when I try to start the app now. Also after uninstalling and reinstalling.

And it is version 1.5.3.

beers 1813 º places 45 º 09:50 Wed 4/17/2013

Updated my Android app the other day and now it crashes without opening, leaving a white screen.....