Android app translations: help needed

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14:55 Tue 6/26/2012

Perfect. Spanish is on the way.

places 1 º 15:09 Tue 6/26/2012

Started Portuguese Brazilian translation! \o/

beers 1024 º places 31 º 15:31 Tue 6/26/2012

Danish incoming

beers 2655 º places 110 º 15:35 Tue 6/26/2012

this is rocking!

places 4 º 19:07 Tue 6/26/2012

Originally posted by erickok
Whoa, I’m not sure who translated some strings in Norwegian Bokmål (which makes you awesome!), but I learned from this that there are different Norwegian languages? Like, properly different, not like UK and US English?

Yup. Bokmål was the historic language similar to Danish. Sometime after their independence a movement towards an independent language also arose. Ny-Norsk (New Norwegian) was invented. No-one wants to speak the language of their oppresser I guess. Srry guys. Our bad..

If you only want one language from each nationstate go with bokmål.. Not everybody speaks Ny-norsk??

places 4 º 19:10 Tue 6/26/2012

Danish from "user_beersrated" to "rate_offline_delete" posted.
Could some-one (DK) please double check my scriblings?

beers 1701 º places 129 º 19:13 Tue 6/26/2012

Patrik is a translator by trade. I’ll raise it to him as well.

beers 6037 º places 274 º 01:20 Wed 6/27/2012

Great guys! Thanks a lot already for the work. Especially pleased with translations in languages of countries that traditionally have few English speakers.

Yeah the surge in new users is very cool, but some reviews in the Play Store are just ridiculous... I mean, giving one star because you don’t agree with the ratings, or that there is few Russian users? *sigh* My favourites though include:

"Read the definition of IPA, uninstalled immediately after. Retarded." 1 star

"never heard of any of these beers" 1 star

"Imaginary types of beer, unrealistic ratings!" 1 star

and probably my favourite:

"Sucks Almost no dutch beers. Only de molen. No heineken amstel grolsch brand dommelsch or other true classics" 1 star

beers 6037 º places 274 º 01:38 Wed 6/27/2012

Oh and I almost forgot:
"I needed to uninstall it because I am constantly getting Spam Beer mail from people who claim.that I am the "one"

C’mon guys, quite spamming these new users! Just tell me who’s responsible!

beers 3602 º places 122 º 02:18 Wed 6/27/2012

Helping with portuguese translation!