Android app translations: help needed

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places 2 º 15:14 Thu 7/5/2012

Iím one of these who gave the app a bad rating. The complaint was basically about usability. Hereís my typical usage scenario:
- start the app to scan my beer
- the beer is not found (I guess like 90% of european beers, but this is not your problem)
- I get a message of which half is not visible, so I have no idea whatís up
- I can press OK or Cancel, say I press OK
- it takes me to a search by barcode, this usually finds the beer name and some similarities
- then what??? I have a list of 1-3 beer names, which doesnít do anything - it wonít take me to the beer, it wonít let me add the UPC code to the beer, it doesnít do zit.
Can I give it a good rating based on the above experience? Think not.

Now I donít know what your use case is, but for me the app is of no value. I loved the idea however and this is why Iím posting here - maybe we can discuss whether my expectations are too high or you just donít (plan to) cover this scenario.

places 2 º 15:15 Thu 7/5/2012

sorry, wrong thread - please ignore. Iíll repost.

beers 6037 º places 274 º 08:10 Fri 7/6/2012

Hmm, strange. Glad I made it a beta just for you guys. :D It likely has to do with missing translations. Can you send me an error report maybe, after the app crashes? Youíll need to use the Log Collector app for that. :) Thanks guys!

beers 2003 º places 227 º 09:14 Fri 7/6/2012

I just sent it to you.

Testversion before releasing would be useful...some translations might be wrong or sound strange in another context.

beers 6037 º places 274 º 02:28 Tue 8/7/2012

Iíve build a new update that includes all your translations as well as several fixes and a small graphics update. Could you guys check out whether there are any UI related quircks w.r.t. your translations? Maybe some translations are missing? Thanks guys! I hope to release this to the masses in a couple of days.

Hereís the new release:

beers 2003 º places 227 º 07:09 Tue 8/7/2012

Iíve look through tit quickly and two things appeared. Iím on the french version. On the home page, the offline notes and best by country are cut off, last words appear off screen.

In Places, every time I press Maps it force close.

Overall great job!!

beers 6037 º places 274 º 07:33 Tue 8/7/2012

Thanks for the tips; youíre right the maps donít work in this beta. Iím going to fix this.

If you like to update soem of the translations (to make them fit better, for example), visit

beers 6037 º places 274 º 14:13 Thu 8/9/2012

Could you try this new release candidate? It should be awesome!

beers 2003 º places 227 º 07:12 Thu 8/30/2012

In fact, it is awesome!!!

One last thing, the joined and last seen date are always the same (the joined date).

Great work.