anticeptic/tcp taste in ipa

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beers 3436 º places 21 º 06:58 Thu 11/1/2012

The beers has spent 3 weeks in a secondary and 2 weeks in bottle now. It was more evident when transferring from primary to secondary but I suspect that’s only because the dry hops have helped cover it up slightly. Still sticks out though, now there are just some delicious hop aromas along with it. It’s heartbreaking. I used a lot of simcoe in this and I don’t have much left for a rebrew, hardly any simcoe available here in UK just now

beers 1592 º places 352 º 14:17 Thu 11/1/2012

That is a bummer. What do you use to clean and sanitize? Did it taste like that before bottling, or only after?

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