Any good beer destinations in Vegas?

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beers 3577 º places 66 º 17:08 Sun 4/28/2013

Going there in September and I’ve heard it’s a beer wasteland. Just looking for anywhere to get some good beer; whether it’s carry out or a bar. Staying at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay if that helps. Thanks

19:21 Sun 4/28/2013

Pub at Aria is good, but expensive.

beers 2211 º places 45 º 19:26 Sun 4/28/2013

Off the Strip, go to Aces and Ales. Its about 15-20 minutes away and is the best place in Vegas.

19:28 Sun 4/28/2013

Todd English P.U.B. actually and it’s technically not at Aria but you can fall into it from the lobby.

beers 2023 º places 24 º 19:37 Sun 4/28/2013

The Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay/Luxor had a good selection when I was there.

beers 371 º places 11 º 01:56 Mon 4/29/2013

Whole Foods just south of the strip for takeout. Second Todd English PUB at Aria. Aces and Ales is also good, but off the strip. Burger Bar is decent, but has definitely fallen off over the years.

beers 23080 º places 723 º 02:20 Mon 4/29/2013

Aces & Ales first (they have 20 or so taps, plus bottles)
Freakin’ Frog (ask to walk into the cool room to check what they have); depending on a few factors, you may buy bottles out
Not far from Mandalay Bay you have the Ale Yard, but I never find their selection very attractive.

For buying, Total Wine in Henderson has a very large selection

beers 4727 º places 91 º 03:37 Mon 4/29/2013

Aces & Ales was by far the best venue we visited, but it’s a quite far from the strip. I thought Public House at the Venetian was pretty decent (if a bit expensive). 20 or so taps, most of it rotating stuff, and about one hundred bottles. As Chris said, Whole Foods has a good selection. There’s supposed to be a Yard House around there as well, but we couldn’t find it.

beers 355 º places 72 º 07:51 Mon 4/29/2013

Downtown at Main Street Station is a brewpub that makes a pretty good IPA and porter. It’s also dirt cheap.

beers 98 º places 1529 º 07:56 Mon 4/29/2013

No idea if it’s good or not but the guy that used to run the homebrew shop down the street from my house moved to Vegas and opened a (cleverly named) place called Vegas Brewing. Can’t find them anywhere online, so they may not even be open yet.

edit: here they are,

facebook page

beers 69 º places 2 º 17:37 Wed 5/1/2013

Aces and Ales (off strip), Public House (at Venetian), and Yard House (at Red Rock off strip) have the best selections/rarities.