Anyone in STL Need 2012 Dark Lord?

Reads 647 • Replies • Started Tuesday, May 8, 2012 1:35:44 PM CT

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beers 11848 º places 647 º 13:35 Tue 5/8/2012

I have a few bottles for trade and haven’t had any luck with my STLHops trade thread. I want to do a local trade since I’m pretty burned out on shipping and need to save some money.

I’m open to stuff on my Wants list. Some ideas:

-Upland Dantalion Dark Wild Ale and Blueberry and Peach Lambics
-Any Cascade stuff other than Kriek, Vlad the Imp Aler, or Bourbonic Plague
-B. Nektar meads
-Kuhnhenn meads
-Any Hill Farmstead other than Anna, Birth of Tragedy, Arthur, Everett, Double Galaxy, or Daybreak
-Central Waters 1414
-Kuhnhenn Fifth Dementia and BB Fifth Dementia
-Any Santa Fe Wild Ales
-Medovina Sweet Melissa
-Squatters Barrel of Russians
-Wild Blossom Nau-t-gal/Nau-t-guy
-Other unrated meads
-Other stuff from my Wants list: