April 9th

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beers 8860 º places 353 º 21:40 Sun 4/10/2011


Great tasting and great trip to SLC.

Thanks Eric for being such a great host.

Thanks for the rare goodies from Doug. That ’88 Faro = YUM

And thanks a ton to the Boise crew. I was wondering what beer would be a great rating at number 4K. Thanks to you guys it’s now a no brainer.

Thanks everyone, I had a blast!!

beers 1721 º places 2 º 23:24 Sun 4/10/2011

The hospitality of the Utah Crew is amazing. Footbalm is a very gracious host.. Thanks buddy and I hope we don’t part ways forever.

Doug brought out a couple big guns... I didn’t have high hopes for a 23 year old Faro, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The Malvasia Rosso was also awesome.

Still though, the top two for me were of completely different genres but both were epic. The Millenium Gueuze was awesome and IMO not quite yet peaking. And the BB Plead the 5th was fantastic.

And Dave, very nice meeting such a legend... at least that is how my local buddies describe you.

And it was cool to finally meet Mikey, Doug and Eric have always spoken very highly of you.

Thanks again for everything ... The hospitality will be matched or multiplied the next time you guys make the trip.