Argo0 hits 10k

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beers 42113 º places 43 º 09:25 Fri 2/1/2013

Congrats Aaron, looking forward to share some with you again some time

beers 13735 º places 273 º 09:31 Fri 2/1/2013

So much has changed in the nearly 11 years Iíve been on RateBeer, but one thing that hasnít is that the people here are awesome.

Thanks everyone for your congratulations, as well as for enjoying (and occasionally suffering through) so many of those 10000 ratings with me.

beers 9296 º places 1561 º 09:41 Fri 2/1/2013

cheers bud!

beers 1976 º places 112 º 09:50 Fri 2/1/2013


Radek Kliber
beers 7247 º places 302 º 09:53 Fri 2/1/2013

Argo0 , I donít think people realize how much dedication it takes for dad/husband to get to that number. You are one of teh most senior leaders Ratebeer has! This is serious accomplishment, well deserved bravo!

beers 12908 º places 114 º 10:26 Fri 2/1/2013

Congrats Aaron! I look forward to sharing a few with you at the next summer gathering.

beers 3529 º places 220 º 13:48 Fri 2/1/2013

Cheers Aaron!

beers 10901 º places 275 º 15:21 Fri 2/1/2013

Way to go, Aaron.

Iím proud to have shared a bunch of those beers with you!

beers 3207 º places 116 º 16:54 Fri 2/1/2013

Cheers, Aaron! Glad to have been around for a number of those.

(Also: Iíll be out in DC for Craft Brewers Conference this year. Where we drinking?)

beers 6552 º places 176 º 16:56 Fri 2/1/2013

Awesome accomplishment !