Argo0 hits 10k

Reads 1958 • Replies 61 • Started Thursday, January 31, 2013 7:12:00 PM CT

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beers 1299 º places 7 º 17:39 Fri 2/1/2013

Damn, it didn’t take my message in Japanese, so anyways, Congratulations on this amazing milestone and for doing it all with a touch of class!

beers 2178 º places 25 º 17:53 Fri 2/1/2013

Always glad to share a beer with you. You are both the Meriwether Lewis and the William Clark when it comes to rating beer in America.

beers 1223 º places 24 º 17:56 Fri 2/1/2013

Nice work Aaron!

19:18 Fri 2/1/2013

beers 2360 º places 104 º 19:33 Fri 2/1/2013

Congrats man!!!

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beers 9358 º places 1569 º 20:07 Fri 2/1/2013

I met aaron at the 3rd or 4th summer gathering, moved to DC a couple of years later and enjoyed regularly getting together with him and Kathy and all of the people they are so good about bringing around. ken weaver, ryan, eben, jeffcc, jasonp, the groups that went to Cooperstown for years. it’s fun to visit him and Kathy when I’m back in DC every year, and he helped me nab a photo with a top 20 rater for the scavenger hunt last year. rock on aaron!

beers 7634 º places 142 º 20:46 Fri 2/1/2013

Congrats! Glad to have been around for some of those.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 21:32 Fri 2/1/2013

Originally posted by kmweaver
Cheers, Aaron! Glad to have been around for a number of those.

(Also: I’ll be out in DC for Craft Brewers Conference this year. Where we drinking?)

I’ll be here, then moving to CA in June so hopefully we will be seeing each other a lot more!

beers 11313 º places 288 º 04:38 Sat 2/2/2013

Aaron and Kathy will always have a special place in my heart because of stuff like THIS and, of course, hosting the best non-denominational holiday gathering/tasting/bottle-share in the DC/Baltimore metro each year. We were a small group, but we had a great time hanging out.

What makes Aaron’s accomplishment even more amazing is, to my knowledge, he has never traded for beer... ever. Possibly some in-person trades at his home, but Aaron has never packed a box of beer and shipped it out.