Argo0 hits 10k

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Originally posted by GT2
Originally posted by kmweaver
Cheers, Aaron! Glad to have been around for a number of those.

(Also: I’ll be out in DC for Craft Brewers Conference this year. Where we drinking?)

I’ll be here, then moving to CA in June so hopefully we will be seeing each other a lot more!

Sounds good! (I hadn’t seen Whitney’s post on FB until Ali just mentioned it to me.)

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Congrats, Aaron. You’re one of the pillars of rb

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Has it been 5 years since I was last in DC, damn. Well glad to see you are still motoring on. Cheerio!

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Welcome to the Club :-)

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Aaron, congrats! And there you were not too long ago thinking of "dialing back" a little.

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meh, I mean, like Arron and all...

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Awesome! Congrats.

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Mazel Tov Bruder!

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good work!

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wow, congtats!