Around da Town: July/August

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beers 7164 º places 10 º 09:17 Tue 7/10/2012

Two Bros 6th release in their 15th Anni series is hitting.

Scotch Ale called Old 1713.. Iíve added that tagline to the original listing.

beers 7164 º places 10 º 07:06 Wed 7/11/2012

Sounds like Virtueís 2nd offering might be showing up soon.. Lapinette.. stay tuned

New Pils at FFF called Busy Boyz.

beers 285 º places 12 º 07:54 Wed 7/11/2012

I saw Kan the other was cray-cray...

beers 7164 º places 10 º 08:03 Wed 7/11/2012

Originally posted by Sean9689
I saw Kan the other was cray-cray...


I saw him too recently. I thought he had gone into hiding and just had been paying someone to keep up his Facebook acct for appearances..

beers 7164 º places 10 º 07:51 Thu 7/12/2012

Pipeworks Poivre Rose started to drop.

Still seeing Founders Frangelic Mountain Brown around.. my mother ran into it at her local grocery store of all places yesterday..

Seems like there was plenty to go round but perhaps the main targets (Binnys, etc) were still overtaken quite quickly.

LoF Brett Beer seems to be around now as well.

...Anyone else?

beers 316 º 08:12 Thu 7/12/2012

Interested in where else youve been seeing Frangelic? I would love another bottle

beers 11 º 08:23 Thu 7/12/2012

3 new beers on tap at Goose Clybourn tonight: Foxxy Brown Ale, White Pine IPA & Maude Flanders Brown (although I think 2 are repeats).

Rev also tapped Bastille last night as well...

beers 11602 º places 643 º 08:29 Thu 7/12/2012

Perennialís Pluot beer is around town. Canít remember the name but it was nice!

beers 7164 º places 10 º 08:38 Thu 7/12/2012

For those that are following that FFF release of Battle Priest that occurred on Tuesday and wanted more info on the beer - Andrew confirmed the details today.

Two barrels total. 100% Brett Fermented in Pinot Noir barrels then dry hopped liberally upon emptying and bottled.

Small yield, all bottled.

Not sure if theyíll release a small number of bottles again in the future, end up in competition, get sold at a party, etc.. or if they are done.

beers 3262 º places 21 º 10:42 Thu 7/12/2012

Anyone seen the Boulevard Love Child #2 around? Iíve heard only good things.