Around Town: May/June 2012

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beers 2 º 08:59 Sat 6/2/2012

Anybody want to meet up here next Saturday?

beers 4044 º places 13 º 18:32 Sun 6/3/2012

Originally posted by beergurujr
Anybody want to meet up here next Saturday?

Iím probably going to this. Iíll keep you posted.

beers 11 º 09:30 Wed 6/6/2012

From the Mug Club email yesterday:


6/6: Rosa - Sheís BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! The warm weather is here and so is the moment you have been waiting months for...the return of Rosa, our deliciously refreshing hibiscus ale. Come on in to EITHER location (Kedzie tap room or the brewpub) this Wednesday to take down a mug or three. Donít forget to flash us your membership card for your complimentary sampling.

6/13: Rise AND Double Fist - The Gold Medal Winning Rise AND our Double Fist double pale ale are both returning next week to put your decision making skills to the test, once again. These two taste teasers will also be available in 22 oz. bottles in the coming months.

Also, our BA Foursome Quadruppel has been aging in Woodford Reserve barrels and will be ready to be tapped on Monday, June 11; make sure you donít miss it.

beers 11 º 09:35 Wed 6/6/2012

Have all Mug Club freebies become just 5oz samplers no matter what?

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Solemn Oath Event @ Haymarket tonight.

All 4 beers plus the debut of Nouri at 6 PM.

If you are a city dweller and havenít gotten to try many, a good excuse to get out.

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Anyone know what happened to Armanettiís on Lincoln Ave and why theyíre closing?

beers 11 º 09:50 Wed 6/6/2012

There are a couple threads that talk about it over on the other site.

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Originally posted by Pawola22
Anyone know what happened to Armanettiís on Lincoln Ave and why theyíre closing?

A big part of it seems to be the fact that the owner was a bit of a big douche...

beers 7164 º places 10 º 12:20 Fri 6/8/2012

Sounds like Piece tapped a new beer!

The Weight - APA

Also, next weekís Goose Island Farmerís Market offering is a repeat of last yearís Green Boots. The Sting is already gone.. but a new Chef Collab Florence is on tap now..

Haymarket is pouring this yearís version of Mash Made in Heaven.. sounds tasty. Also think they were tapping some other stuff soon.. a couple re-dos (A DIPA and a Porter? Donít remember)..

And Solemn Oathís 5th beer, Nourri, is on tap at the the taproom for this weekend. If you havenít been there yet, itís worth a stop. No cash though.. all plastic.

FFF seems to have been tapping a bunch of leftover guest offerings from DLD over the last few weeks, but no new beers out..

Mundelein Beer event is this weekend.. near Tighthead, no? Anyone going?

Doesnít sound like the new HA Akari Shogun is getting released this week.. hopefully next week.

Any other news about town?

Iím incapacitated by a wedding this weekend, but highly recommend folks stop by RB:Yorktown if they have the chance. I havenít added any ratings yet, but the Coffee Stout is just wonderful.. and they have a BBA Vanilla Bean aged RIS stout on

beers 7164 º places 10 º 12:22 Fri 6/8/2012

Also, that HA Kerri Red is available on tap at The Gage on South Michigan Avenue for anyone who was hard up to try it.

Itís their 5th Anniversary Beer.