Around Town: Sept/Oct 2012

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that has to be the creepiest event ever listed on this site.


It should probably Be posted in the non-local forum.

I just like how if you bring your own homebrew, you can pay a little less for someone else to bang your wife.

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Attention Chicago, Bourbon County Stout has been bottled and delivered to distributors. Look for it on shelves now. Goose Island produced 5 times the amount of Bourbon County as last year, and Chicago is receiving more than 10 times the amount as last year. Cheers to more beer!

Per our good friend Ken Hunnemeder.

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Originally posted by TheAlum

I wish you young people would make up your minds...I thought we weren’t supposed to exchange fluids?

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Haymarket’s Drinking and Writing Theatre has a new performance tonight called Barnstormers.

In honor, 4 special beers will be on tap starting at 3:30.

These are:

Uber Mathias (Already in as an alt)
Fresh Hop Mathias (Brewed using whole fresh hops - NOT a new entry)
Double Rye IPA (New)
Double Simcoe IPA (New)

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New Pipeworks bottles hitting stores yesterday/today.

Her Majesty
Something Hoppy Comes (Newest batch)

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Some new tappings at Goose Island today..

Belgian King (Re-named version of a Belgian IPA they did)
Cocoa Leche

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For those that missed it, the next iteration in the Two Bros. Anniversary Series is Oh Brother Tripel.. should be hitting now. 11th entry in the series, I believe.

Have had a tough time actually seeing a bottle of Incinerator from earlier on.

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Finally, Revo has a pretty stacked taplist at both locations right now.

This includes new beers:

Night Moves

Also, Bavarian Lodge is having a Revolution Tap Takeover tomorrow for my suburban friends. There will be something unique served on cask at said event at 5:30.

I believe that is all I have for now.

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I knew I forgot something for this week’s dump..

Is anyone going to FestivAle on Friday?

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Ofcourse I forgot another one..

Atlas is tapping their brand new Oktoberfest today.

You can bring in ANY stein to get your fill.