BA is emailing Cigar City

Reads 58584 • Replies 239 • Started Monday, February 1, 2010 7:41:07 PM CT

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beers 355 º places 72 º 19:41 Mon 2/1/2010

and it’s f-ing hilarious!

beers 7164 º places 10 º 19:42 Mon 2/1/2010

I saw that.

It was sad.

The taplist is available on the blog and that guy was a total dick.. as if he was priviledged or something.

The BA crowd... (shakes head)

beers 371 º places 11 º 19:45 Mon 2/1/2010

BA strikes again!

Way to go, Joey! That shit is hilarious.

beers 415 º places 32 º 19:45 Mon 2/1/2010

Yeah, that was totally ridiculous. Honestly, how anyone can say the guy’s response was not dickish is totally beyond me. I’d be pissed off too if I had to deal with that crap when you can easily call.

beers 479 º places 13 º 19:50 Mon 2/1/2010

I’d like to read it, but their servers suck so bad I can’t get it to open.

beers 1030 º places 13 º 19:51 Mon 2/1/2010

degarth is great

beers 24 º places 5 º 19:54 Mon 2/1/2010

Oh my word. Talk about a sense of entitlement.

beers 6103 º places 423 º 19:54 Mon 2/1/2010

Does that BA email/thread have anything to do on why Cigar City is pulling out of EBF? I hope not, this is kind of childish.

beers 1942 º places 20 º 20:03 Mon 2/1/2010

That is hilarious. I should add to my rating of the humidor Zhukov just for humor value.

beers 1731 º places 109 º 20:12 Mon 2/1/2010

Saw it. Clicked on it. And my computer times out every time I do. Damn that site is slow.

beers 3258 º places 138 º 20:13 Mon 2/1/2010

Instant classic. Go Joey!