BA is emailing Cigar City

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Go to the trades forum and play in my free beer contest. Cant we all just get along!!!

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Originally posted by joet
Thanks for keeping it civil folks. No need to bash here.

I think one interesting observation here is that most people have walked into a bar where the guy behind the counter owned the joint. If he didn’t like you or you didn’t play by the rules, you weren’t served or you were told to leave.

There was a place in SF a while back where the owner only served a few people a night and ignored everyone else - and he put out tables for people to sit and not be served. It would piss people off to no end but that was the owner’s decision.

People seem to be so used to giant corporations and having "customer service representatives" saying, "Thank you very much sir. Is there anything else I can do to provide you excellent service?" that they’ve forgotten that there are plenty of real people engaged in business in beer. In fact, most of craft beer is still at a stage where real people answer the phones.

If you often talk to a fake person that speaks for a faceless giant corporation, you can be a total ass and it makes no difference. The person on the other side is always happy to talk to you. This sort of trains a person to be a squeaky wheel, asshole, demanding customer, whatever you want to call that.

Real life is a lot different. If you’re an ass to someone real, odds are good that the person you’re talking to will think you’re a total ass.

It’s about reputation, regardless of whether you are a giant corporation or one man operation. Customers are your bread and butter, and you need to kiss their ass plain and simple. Consumer driven businesses live and die on customer service. Direct TV is a "giant" corporation, yet I will not switch. Why? They take care of me. There have been times that I have been a grouchy ass, but they keep their cool and make it right. There have been times where I admitted that the fuck up was on my end, yet they still comped me free shit.

On the flip side, I am now a one man operation trying to build an e-commerce site. This shitty economy cost me my job of 9 years. I get calls from all types of customers and some of them are real assholes. I would not ever take the type of tone that Joey did with any my customers. I keep my cool and find out what I need to do to "make it right."

I think Joey had a bad day and snapped. That’s fine. This is not a pattern for CC. We all have bad days. However, I think he should own up and make peace with the guy. That would be good damage control

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I love you joey. I want to have your babies.

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I doubt that this brew-haha will make much of dent in their customer base. For every "I should never be treated less then just how I like" type out there, there is someone like me going "Way to tell it like is brother!" who is more likely to buy the guy’s beer.

Given that I am currently planning my vacation, this has put his place on the radar as far as travel goes. I was considering heading too Florida, and knowing that there’s a good beer place with my kind of attitude down there certainly piques my interest.

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I understand Joey’s position and found his email amusing. But, if he’s not prepared or interested in answering customer inquiries in a timely and pleasant manner, why does he offer email? I don’t offer email at my business because we don’t have the time to answer emails, plus I don’t want to.

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Classy, honest reply by Joey over there.

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Originally posted by beastiefan2k
seriously people? Is this thread really happening?

been awhile since the last great Beer Website War™. we were due

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Originally posted by ¾
I love you joey. I want to have your babies.

You’re in luck. It can happen!

Men havin’ babies

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Originally posted by kmweaver

"Is this advocating?"
"I’m not sure that this is advocating."

Massive win!

Tempest in a teapot, fellas.

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Originally posted by puzzl
Originally posted by beastiefan2k
Originally posted by Cliff
Then the rest is people taking sides. Pretty good stuff.

I hope this thread turns into people taking sides as well.

Let’s have a poll!

You are awesome! Lol.