Bacon beer dinner (and other fun beer dinners)

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Here’s some shameless promotion, but our other restaurant (HomeField Grill) does 5 course beer dinners once a month. My chef does the menu and I do the pairings.

We do not do brewery specific pairings, we do what I feel are legit pairings. Chef usually does a theme for all five courses and we try to push the envelope a lot (last month it was beef, all five courses [my personal fave was the 5 courses of pizza we did last year]). We did bacon last may and this menu just makes me excited (

First course:
Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños with black berry jelly. Paired with Independence Brewluminati Brouwer’s Dubbel

Second course:
Smoked ham and collard green soup with a chipotle biscuit. Paired with Real Ale Mysterium Verum Empire

Third course:
Crisp pancetta over spinach, chevre and asparagus served with raspberry basil vinaigrette. Paired with He’brew Origin Ale

Fourth course:
A bacon explosion with juniper berry sausage layered in pork belly and wrapped with cherry bacon. Drizzled with honey molasses BBQ and served with Chefs choice of sides. Paired with New Belgium Fresh Hop

Fifth course:
Candied bacon spirals with fried caramel ice cream. Paired with Rogness Rook

Cost: $49.95 per person

Anyone have any links to other unique or exciting menus? I think doing pairings with traditional (New) American or French is less than exciting sometimes.

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I want to taste all of that...especially the app and soup

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We did an Aphrodisiac Dinner this past Valentines Day that was a big hit. Every dish included at least one ingredient that is considered an aphrodisiac.

I don’t recall all the pairings but they included Oysters done 3 ways (Oyster Po’Boy Slider, Oyster Bienville, Raw Oyster w/Asian Pear Mignonette), Roast Rack of Lamb w/Sour Cherry Demi Glace, Dark Chocolate-Banana Bread Pudding with Molasses Whipped Cream and something with Lobster but I can’t recall the preparation.

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Sounds really good. I’ve got a peach dinner planned for later this summer, with all pairings featuring either beer made with peaches or peaches in the dishes somehow. Really looking forward to it, and we’re striving for similarly fun/delicious food and pushing the envelope in as many ways as possible.