Baltimore Weekend

Reads 365 • Replies 4 • Started Wednesday, September 20, 2017 7:50:24 PM CT

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beers 993 º places 71 º 19:50 Wed 9/20/2017

I'll be visiting my brother in Baltimore this weekend. Any tips on breweries that would be a must visit while there?


beers 2032 º places 251 º 20:15 Wed 9/20/2017

Duclaw for brewery.
Max's for beer bar

beers 3801 º places 98 º 20:31 Wed 9/20/2017

Definitely hit Maxs. Snallygaster is this weekend in DC if you want a crazy beer fest.

beers 7829 º places 57 º 23:18 Wed 9/20/2017

Brewers Art, Of Love and Regret. will probably need to hit Maxs every day.

beers 993 º places 71 º 20:56 Fri 9/22/2017

Thanks for all the advice!