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I’m looking for a hotel in Bamberg within close proximity to breweries. I considered staying at Fassala, but it can only be booked by phone and I can’t make international calls on my cell (which is also my home phone). Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hotel Weiherich, Hotel Alt and Hotel Nepomuk are all cheap and withing a radius of 500M to Schlenkerla and the uphill bierkellers!

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Alt-Ringlein is within spitting distance of Schlenkerla etc. and does rooms. did it for €50 a night.

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We stayed at the welcome kongress hotel. It was central to the breweries we were going to. It wasnt as cheap as some of the brewery places like fasalla but we had the same problem with international calls. And they didnt take reservations far out in advance. And the whole language difference thing. And since I’m an over-planner and coming from the states, I wanted everything planned out. If you could coordinate a brewery/hotel, they are much cheaper.

Also, check out the city welcome/info center. They sell a bier schmeka (spelled wrong, I’m sure) deal. You get a backpack, 500mL stein and a few (4 or 5 maybe) drafts at participating places. It was a great deal.

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Found a link. In German. I can’t get it to come through in English on my phone but I’m 99% sure this is the deal we got at the info center.

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Awesome info. Thanks everyone

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You can book Fassla by email. Just use Google Translate to write a crude german version of your email. That’s what I did.

Fassla is awesome.

Just as for a "zimmer" (one person) or "dopplezimmer" (double room, for two people) depending on what you want. Just put the date you want to reserve. They should get back to you in a couple days.

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I booked faasla by email. No problems. I think Spezial has rooms too.

But Faasla was fine. Good breakfast.

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Ich spreche kein Deutsch. Ich möchte ein Doppelzimmer buchen. Ich möchte am 21.06.2013 einchecken und am 28.06.2013 auschecken. Ist das möglich?

Vielen Dank.

Telephone number

For a single room, replace "Doppelzimmer" with "Einzelzimmer". If you write it like that, they will realise that you’re not a native German speaker. REMEMBER THE NON-AMERICAN DATE STANDARD.

"möchte" = "would like to", "einchecken" = "check in", "auschecken" = "check out", "möglich" = "possible"

Have heard nothing but positive reviews of Fässla’s rooms, perhaps better than Spezial’s. Also, just up the street a bit is the newly renovated (well, a few years ago) Hotel Europa that has also gotten rave reviews, and there, they do speak English.

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I stayed the apartment operated by Hotel Weiherich. It was very inexpensive(40 euro/night) but nice. The only drawback was it was atop the hill. That hill kind of sucked after a night drinking. It looks like you can get a single at the actual hotel (at the bottom of the hill) for under $70/night. I think that would be a perfect.

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The only place I’ve stayed in Bamberg is Hotel Brudermühle. Can’t beat the location with a window looking out on the Altes Rathaus and such. Not cheap.