Band of Bohemia - Food and beer truly killing it?

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beers 1592 º places 63 º 22:13 Mon 1/11/2016

I was lucky enough to have seats at the chefs counter at Band of Bohemia over the weekend and I have to say it was the best food experience I’ve ever had at a "brewpub". 15 or so courses of ridiculously well done food paired half wine, half house made beers. The beers are interesting, with unique ingredients.

The beer all was on the dry side. The added ingredients were mild, complimentary, and refreshing. Nothing is going to hit you in the face like an imperial stout or an IPA. The hop profiles seems old world, perhaps saaz or something along that range. I dug it quite a bit myself. I do feel they are a bit out of place without the experience, but I also feel like this is a good move forward. I can get used to this sort of thing with food. Seriously.

Cocktails were beyond good. A steal in the city at $10-12 each. House made sodas beyond unique. Wine pairings on point. Basically a liquid powerhouse on all fronts here, but I think the beer has the most room to grow. Really looking forward to how that progresses, and a great step in that direction.

On the food front, this was a roundhouse kick to the face. Multiple amuse and small bites brought every few minutes. Main course brought at a feverish pace. Big portions. It was a welcome and refreshing to other restaurants that seem to last the whole night. I like both honestly, but can appreciate having the option to come in at 6 and leave before 9 with this many courses. Huge focus on fresh, seasonal, and local where possible. Modern technique but nothing overboard or weird. The giant fire pit as the focus point pumps off wonderful heat in the cold months and is making excellent meat. My wife being a pescatarian that hates mushrooms including truffles was super impressed, they were very accommodating to all of her requests.

The service was some of the best in the city without being stuffy. Napkins refolded while in the shitter of course, but totally attentive and shadowing you but you never really notice. Clean shitters. Mentioned wanting a taste of the soda to my wife and a soda randomly shows up. Super friendly service all around.

This truly kicked ass. At only the 5th service for the chefs table and first batch of beer, I’m really interested where this goes.

beers 1592 º places 63 º 22:19 Mon 1/11/2016

Gratuitous food pics, low res, iphone 3gs, unedited

Embassy in the Rabat

Kitchen counter view

Brewery to the right

Plating prep as we were seated

Macaron, sweet corn, uni, lime

Gruyere chip, charred broccoli, cheese powder

Sturgeon bacon, leek, parmesan, creme fraiche

Charred pearl onion, cauliflower, smoked trout roe, chive

Sweetbread, smoked beef fat, fresno chili, blue cheese

Potato, romesco, piparras, smoked olive oil

Duck, collards, blueberry, pistachio

Pork, pastrami celery root, sweet potato, black garlic

Chicken, celeriac, truffled chicken jus, chicken skin

Prawns, roasted vegetable jus, cabbage

Beef, gochuhang, grilled cauliflower, charred onion

Foie Gras, banana, marcona almond, black truffle

Tangerine togarashi sorbet, cashew praline, walnut crumble

Chocolate mousse, passion fruit, cocoa nibs, chocolate tuile


A truffle goodbye

beers 2072 º places 38 º 12:21 Sat 1/23/2016

Yeah, but I just bought a garbage plate for $7.

beers 102 º places 1529 º 12:59 Sat 1/23/2016

What drink was each dish paired with?

beers 1592 º places 63 º 17:24 Sun 2/14/2016

Ate here again over the weekend, will report back with a write up in a few days. Beer was better, some rebrews. Food was on that level again, just a great house vibe here as well.

beers 3223 º places 131 º 07:02 Mon 2/15/2016

This looks awesome. I’d love something like this in Pittsburgh.

beers 6219 º places 450 º 08:17 Mon 2/15/2016

Originally posted by DietPepsican
Ate her again over the weekend,

DietPepsi Valentine’s special

beers 6219 º places 450 º 08:18 Mon 2/15/2016

Looks pretty amazing!

beers 1592 º places 63 º 14:59 Sun 3/6/2016

Originally posted by t0rin0
What drink was each dish paired with?

Good Q and something I took notes on over the next visit. Got into a wicked 40 car pileup the day after so it’s been a few weeks coming.

Anyways, we went for another visit mid February at the chefs counter. Our menu was completely different from what we had 4 weeks prior. Being a difficult month for fresh sourced and local, this had a big focus on the sea. The chef specifically mentioned wanting to not repeat courses for us and make my pescatarian wife happy. I think everything was new minus the goodbye course. We had another wonderful experience from start to finish. Our cocktails to start the evening were amazing and again...for the city....super inexpensive. I’d definitely recommend coming in an hour early and having a seat at the bar to try a few along with the house soda.

The food itself was generously portioned, well thought out, and perfectly paced. We again were served at a lightning (yet not rushed in any way) pace. Small bite amuse portions coming first rapid fire followed by overwhelmingly crushing mains served a bit slower and a long build for dessert. For the most part, the food was flawless. Possibly perfect oysters. Prawn on point. Perfectly cooked scallops. Etc.

On the beer pairing end, we were served 3 beers with the courses. The Culinary Noble was served with the Prawn. Grilled Apple Tarragon was served with the salsify. Orange Chicory Rye paired with the lamb neck. Everything was very well paired for beer. Subtle and not overpowering. I wouldn’t say it was better than the wine pairings, but it was certainly well thought out. Anyways, food pics:

Kusshi Oyster - rutabaga, beer vinegar

Chicken Liver Mousse - rye toast, mostarda

Duck Bacon - espelette, mustard

Cured Mackerel - dashi, kabosu

Patagonian Prawn - oyster emulsion

beer pairing of Culinary Noble

Diver Scallop - romesco, allium relish

Sturgeon - seaweed, root veg, horseradish

Maitake - black garlic, hazelnut, truffle

Beets by Dre - roasted, pickled, raw

Salsify - hollandaise, skate wing

Flank Steak - boredelaise, marcona almond, olive

Octopus - red wine, marcona almond, olive

Black Cod - green go-chu-jang, mango

Lamb Neck - green go-chu-jang, mango

Palate cleanse

Forbidden Rice Pudding - blueberry, licorice, oregano

Chocolate - malt ice crea, rosemary, yogurt


beers 3321 º places 97 º 15:16 Sun 3/6/2016

Looks yummy, looks pricey too. Enjoy!

beers 1592 º places 63 º 15:24 Sun 3/6/2016

It’s actually pretty damn inexpensive for an all in experience. Maybe 7-8 pours of wine and 3 pours of beer? I have had wine pairings pricier than dinner here all in.